About Me?

I am an over-caffeinated crafter on the verge of insanity. 

 I retired with my husband back in 2015 and moved to Joshua Tree, CA. Prior to retirement, I owned and operated a successful house cleaning company in Palm Springs, as a means to get through the recession, and before that, I had about 15 years in Human Resources.

I joke about mental illness because I live and work with my own. I proudly take my medication. I don’t use this clusterfuck going on in my head as a crutch, nor do I wave it like a flag of honor. It’s part of who I am, just like being gay and blonde and everything else that is part of my life experience.

Because of said insanity and caffeine, I don’t like to keep still. I get bored quickly. Which in turn means I rarely want to recreate what I've already created. When I begin, I just look at the supplies I have and start from scratch. When I repeat, the process becomes a production rather than a creation. I hope that makes sense. Will everything I do be a “one-of-a-kind?” Probably. If I’ve done soemthing I really like, the only recreation of it will be to improve it. I love crafting and never thought that I would be here, right now, making flowers out of ribbon. 

Crafting keeps me grounded and centered, and out of trouble. 

Right now I am not selling my crafts online. My Etsy shop is mostly to sell the shit that goes on in my head transfered to a t-shirt or mug. As you can see I have a few sales. HA! But I trust that someone, somewhere, will get my sense of humor and fund my crafting.

I will probably start putting stuff on a different Etsy Shop come 2019.

The best way to find out where I am and what I am doing is to follow me on social media. 

Now be off with yourself. There’s fuckery to spread!


My god, look at those bags under my eyes!