2019 Creations

This is just a small sample of my work. What you see below may be avaiable in my Etsy Shop, which is linked in the “E" at the footer of every page. 


If it isn’t obvious, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas Music until after Thanksgiving. But this is the music I create to, its the music that makes me happy. I mean look at me, I’m fucking happy in this crappy video. 

And…here we are, anew.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Heading 1

Every single piece of ribbon is hand cut and folded into shape before put into place. Each petal is pinned into dense foam core. The embelishments are also pinned into place. The only glue I use is to secure the hanger to the top of the ornament or components placed on to wreathes.

Like my mother’s ornaments, these will last for years, if handled carefully. They are heirloom ornaments, and just like my mother handed hers down to me, you will want to hand these down to your kids as well.

Speaking of kids, please keep my ornaments away from small children. They could pull out the pins and choke on the beads. 

However, if dropped, or hung too low on your tree, they will break or be destroyed by your pets. If that happens, send me an email and we can hopefully work out a fix. IF I have the replacement parts, I’ll fix them for free, your only charge will be the return shipping costs. 

One more note, I have two house cats. I don’t think your allergies to cats will be set off by my ornaments, I’m just doing my best to be as transparent as possible just in case your allergies originate from the depths of hell.